Color Challenge at Digital Scrapbooking Studio

Hi! This is Sharon from A Beautiful Mess! I hope you are doing great.

Sometimes I wander over to other digital scrapbooking forums to see what I can participate in. I found out that Diane from ADB Designs holds a monthly challenge called, Color Challenge where she so kindly gives out a mini kit, and others can scrap with her mini, or one can design a mini with the colors that she chose. So I decided to try my hand in it.  I found out that the colors were hard for me to design, but hopefully you will like my submission. So you may download my part here at my DROPBOX.



11 thoughts on “Color Challenge at Digital Scrapbooking Studio

  1. I’m struggling with this month’s color palette too – winter is my least favorite season and these colors reflect the muted winter landscape, but I have a kit part way done. I love your mini and scanning your blog I know I’m going to be happily downloading for awhile – I’m creating a file for your work, all of which looks very nice.


  2. Your mini is beautiful!! I also love the papers — the patterns (especially the brushed ones) & the textures are lovely! Thank you so much for sharing!


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